The Initial Curriculum

(101) The New Paradigm in Science

An Introductory Course by Ervin Laszlo


(102) The New Paradigm in Medicine

An Introductory Course by Folker Meissner


(103) The New Paradigm in Education

An Introductory Course by Alexander Laszlo and Sarah van Gils- Verwei


The learning objectives:

Intending to make a meaningful contribution to our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world, and through this understanding to contribute to wellbeing in the world. Dedicated to pursuing this objective through research on the concepts, principles and worldviews currently emerging in the sciences, and developing our applications to fields of human interests.


Offering an platform international, for research and to researchers in education, training, business and communication.


Serving as an incubator and nurturer of projects that further the understanding and practical applications of the new paradigm, acting in concert with the programs and activities of the Villagio Globale in Italy and the Club of Budapest Internationally.


Course segments/Topics:

A Quest to understand where everything comes from/A Journey to the past to understand our origins

The evolutionary History of human consciousness – Understanding the individual and his place and role in the world/The impact of personal and collective beliefs on individual behaviour and psyche/ The impact of humans on nature/ Assessment of personal health and well-being and the criteria for an holistic evaluation of the challenges we face at individual, local and global levels


Envisioning a better future/Fostering the creative vision of a sustainable and humane civilization

Framing the challenge and taking stock of what we have learned and what we have yet to do by visioning a better world and transformative change in this quantum leap we are taking right now in life/ the natural step framework/ integral sustainovation and engaging in dialogue in a quantum shift with each other


Evolutionary Development in Service of an Emerging Eco- Civilization

Keywords: Syntony, Evolution, Consciousness, Creativity, Relational Intelligence


(200) The New Paradigm in Evolution, Health and Healing

A Research Seminar with Nitamo Montecucco


(300) Brains, Minds and Machines: Toward a New Paradigm for Consiousness

An advanced Seminar with Allan Combs


In the new science we talk about Coherence. Science is recovering our mind and body, our consciousness reflects this. The mind is the embodiment of a regulated process. Lets start with some actions here. How are these processes working?Vibrating in the same frequencies starts in the relationships. Being coherent with the environment we are living in.
Our relationships with our environments show us the feelings, the connections. When some parts of our body are not coherent with the other parts the body becomes sick and in extreme cases it is a cancer cell that is not connected with the others. If someone is not coherent with the world outside then he or she will become a criminal factor and not a social positive factor.
Science will never give answers improvable for these problems in our world. For the past 250 years the world was not questioned and everything that is real is matter, they called it reductionistic to explain how things are, to take them apart. This new paradigm = holistic. The new worldview is holistic. Based on process. Interacting with all parts. The plenum, the fullness. Al things interact with other things. This comes from Quantum Physics.