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Thinking of waves in the old science we see water moving and in the new science we see them interacting


Welcome at Syntony Leadership,


Developing your Leadership skills, expanding your leadership capacity and living into your greatness.

This is your opportunity to develop confidence and competence designing and leading organizations.

You will develop and expand your leadership skills and capacities in order to become an instrument of change in yourself, your organization, and the world.

Designing and leading organizational systems with confidence and competence. Improving performance is about engaging the whole organizational system to clarify purpose and align resources toward a preferred and sustainable future.

Reframing ‘problem solving” – using systems and design thinking, identify the key issues and dynamics of complex organizational systems and then intervene by disturbing the system to achieve desired results that are sustainable by impacting culture.

Designing and leading change is about using ambiguity, tension, chaos, and creative engagement as resources to lead participants of the whole system to co-create a preferred future that pulls, rather than pushes, them to realize their shared vision.

Facilitating productive communication, designing and leading effective meetings, contract for clear and clean feedback, and work with conflict as a source of energy and creativity.

Developing collaboration- helping the organization achieve results greater than the sum of the individual contributions by learning to be better together.

Engaging diverse perspectives. Growing an organization that is more adaptable, resilient, creative, and sustainable by having participants fully present and respecting the diverse gifts they each bring.

Building organizational culture. Embracing individual and organizational learning, encourage individuals to “show up” fully in their work with their mind, heart and body.

Use of Self as an instrument for change. Intervene in human systems with the competence and confidence to shift systems to higher levels of functionality, health, and wholeness.

Contribute to a just and humane world. Being of service by appreciating, attending to , and ethically serving their own community and the world as large.

A unique, 21st-century way to learn, designed for working professionals. Cohort-based – joining an intentional learning community of students who are connected with Professionals and Leading Thinkers, Leaders in the field of Organizational Leadership. This is the platform connecting all of the programs and people.

We need clearity. New Thinking is about Doing. Structuring new issues in healthy engagements. We need Learning Objectives and we need to create this in our world because it is still to fragmented. We need a new  framework, a new roadmap for everyone. Not just for the Scientists or Practitioners, it must be available for everyone.

We need this new way of living through a new framework that comes from a Systems Science Perspective because the old paradigms didn,t make a big difference. We need new up to date thinking.  Without a new framework that nurtures super-coherence in our societal systems, and coherence at the individual level of our psycho- emotional selves, we run the risk of creating ever larger networks of dysfunctionality.

The key to a new system is the focus on the coherence domains of the learners in the context of their living environment.  “There are four domains for human thrivability”

We are offering them through a Compass and A Ladder in our Dialogues. Alexander Laszlo is intending to make a meaningful contribution to our understanding of the fundamental nature of the world, through this understanding a contribution to wellbeing in the world. We structure the five frame issues in healthy engagements in the Syntony Ladder and the Syntony Conversations are structured in four different levels, that is why we offer four Modules in a Curriculum, offering Workshops and Alexander will publish his book Syntony.

How Communication in a centering way is about cultivating intuition- it is behaviour. It is not a process of information but about our attitude and Leadership


Syntony International accessed 06/06/14. Current explorations include workshops that help promote transcommunities and salutogenesis. A Syntony Café accessed 06/06/14: research colloquia on Thrivable Systems – from Vision to Reality : The Synergetic Relation between Evolutionary Learning Labs and the World Evolutionary Learning Tribe.

Syntony Conversations accessed 06/06/14 and the establishment of a forum for the gathering and exploration of ‘glocal”initiatives in systemic sustainability through new and emerging efforts to create evolutionary learning communities across the globe. The Welltribe accessed 06/06/14/

What are we seeing?

All over the world now,  more dynamic, systemic, evolutionary systems of learning have begun to flourish. Both young people and adults crave learning that is fun, engaging, challenging, and that connects them to the pulse of life. As we learn more about the human brain functions, we begin to feed our need for dwelling in stories ( how the mind remembers) and playing to human incentives by engaging in game dynamics.

What comes about through the process known as the gamification of education is best termed ludic learning. Ludic from Latin ludere, to play.

In the new learning processes we build on sustainability lessons and wisdom.

It transcends sustainability partly because it adds a framework for understanding how to navigate complexity in turbulent environments.

Drawing on lessons from the life sciences and from quantum field theory and scalar field theory, new education teaches about emergence in complex adaptive systems.

It does so by preparing learners for multiple roles in their living ecosystems: roles that naturally involve a panarchy of relationships.

Translating the term: Panarchy, as an organizing principle of complex adaptive systems suggests that: ” all systems embed and are embedded in dynamic contexts involving other systems, and that when effectively- and affectively- aligned, they self – organize for optimal functionality , in thriving systems and the ecosystems that embed them”

 One of the interesting insights into thrivability from contemporary science has to do with the phenomenon of coherence in thriving systems

It is now understood that liquid water is made up of networks of ‘coherence domains’ – regions in which the molecules act in phase.

In the old science we saw water moving around, in the new science we see water interacting

Creating nurturance spaces means focusing on social and cultural environments, but we also need to create the rhythms by which we continuously flow into co- existence.

Many people support your learning journey, starting with you

We need to understand evolution in more than just a theoretical way, to dance with evolution. Becoming Masters of our life is life supporting for the Systems of Earth. This Mastery is not one of Darwinian domination but one of holistic Harmonization. We can provide a map for the future of humanity ~ We need a reliable compass, a sense- ability to develop a Syntony Sense.


Engaging with leading thinkers and practitioners connected to the field of organizational leadership. Design team is a portion of the curriculum that is designed and delivered by student – led teams. Teams consult with external clients and mentored by a faculty advisor offering real- time learning in design and group dynamics.

Collaborative learning groups coming together during weekend sessions, the students and the faculty advisors meeting to support one another,s learning.

Mentoring council, creating your own mentoring council to help support, clarify and challenge your learning. Peer advisors from the cohort and field advisors from the external communities.

Learning synthesis is about reflecting, synthesize, and making meaning of your learning journey which serves to develop your own theory of practice.

Consultation projects are demonstrating your ability to move theory into practice in an organizational setting through our platform at Syntony International that is created to be this space and nurturing guidance systems for this Leadership.

Designing and leading change consultation projects with external organizations is an experience in our community through different programs. Talk with our students and grads. Find out how they are applying their learning from the Masters Program.